8-Miele-Trophy-for-Best-Chardonnay-Rustenberg-5-Soldiers-Chardonnay-2012Stellenbosch is home to more than 140 wine farms. South Africa is renowned for its verdant Winelands and boasts the largest concentration and variety of wine farms and wine tasting venues in the country and together form the wine making hub of South Africa.

If you are a wine lover and plan to serve your guests the finest of vintage and palette soothing wines, a trip to Cape Town will prove very useful. Or just maybe your destination wedding is just right there in South Africa, you can add a wine tasting ceremony to the list of what to do at your wedding and you can be sure to take back amazing pictures.

With over 140 wine farms, question is where do you start from right? Well, there are loads of tour guides waiting to show you around. But we can categorically name 5 must see wineries in South Africa.

The Maison Estate is a modern winery with various awards for its fragrant and delicious wines. You can sample the estate’s produce at a wine tasting or even at your own wedding, as they offer luxurious event facilities.

Noekenhoutskloof was established in 1776 and is still at the forefront of winemaking today. Located in Franschhoek Valley, the winery enjoys both stunning surroundings and an environment conducive to producing the world’s finest wines.

The Vrede en Lust winery dates back to 1688 and has had years to perfect its construction of fine wines. Located in the heart of the Cape Winelands, this modern farm establishment rests on a foundation that is more than 300 years old. Vrede en Lust produces red, white and rose wines, which guests can sample on a wine tasting activity day or as they stay in the winery’s luxurious accommodation.

Tokara Estates is located in Stellenbosch and rests by one of the most beautiful and breath-taking surroundings. Here you guaranteed of not just delicious wines but a great meal at their restaurant and a Nigerian music follower and lover as your wine tasting “waiter”.

Rustenburg Wine Estate played host to the #NigeriaMeetSouthAfrica FAM Trip which was hosted by South Africa Tourism Team and for this winery, Wedding Planner had a first-hand experience. Rustenburg dates back 1682 and is located also in Stellenbosch and boasts stunning landscapes as well as delicious produce. Each bottle of wine has been aged to perfection, with the utmost care taken to perfectly preserve its array of flavours.

Just this year, Rustenburg was recently named the winner of the prestigious Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show for the Most Successful Producer Overall. Top that off with a trophy for the Peter Barlow and the Five Soldiers and a smattering of medals for the Rustenburg team.

Some of their wines include the award winning Five Brothers which was named after five large stone pine trees on a hill standing sentinel over the Five Soldiers vineyards. Peter Barlow, Stellenbosch Chardonnay, John Xavier Merriman, The Shiraz and my favourite Straw wine. The Straw wine is made using a centuries-old process of drying grapes on straw in order to concentrate flavour. The raisining of the grapes on the straw soaks up the moisture and concentrates the sugar and flavour in small, delicious parcels.

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