Die hard 11 # Change

The phrase die hard was first used during the Battle of Albuera (1811) in the Peninsular war. During the battle, Lieutenant-Colonel William Inglis of the 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot was wounded by canister shot. Despite his injuries, Inglis refused to retire from the battle but remained with the regimental colours, encouraging his men with the words “Die hard 57th, die hard!” as they came under intense pressure from a French attack. The ‘Die Hards’ subsequently became the West Middlesex’s regimental nickname.

The term is now commonly used to describe any person who will not be swayed from a belief, and was used as the title of the popular action movie series Die Hard, all starring Bruce Willis as police officer John McClane.

Today, we declare Wedding Planner magazine a Die Hard as we hit our 11th year this month June, 2016. It’s been a journey. A tough one at that, a journey that many would have long given up on if faced with our various peculiar situations. You can do the count… how many wedding magazines have you browsed through in the last 10 years and where are they all today? Why did they give up so soon? Truth is, it beats us because we find this ever evolving occasion called wedding an unquenchable thirst. We are still willing to serve.

Ten Years of having the same look can seem a little boring, so we decided to do it a little different, starting with the logo, we hope you will accept this change because we love it. Our new logo says more than the word ‘wedding planner and that is why we love it.

We have also introduced featuring the wedding makers in various sectors starting with our darling Bisola Borha who is not just making waves today but making her brides very happy with her wow presentation of their dream wedding.

We plan to take our changes in phases so as not to confuse our readers, so expect a dramatic change of our style pages and industry feature moving on. Without you, we would have given up, so, thank you for being a part of our last 10 years, welcome again to the next 10 years.


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