Gone are the days when only the ‘Groom to Be’ was entitled to a guys’  night out with his close friends A.K.A Bach Eve while the Bride continues to stress over the wedding arrangements!! Sigh! Today’s bride deserves to let her hair down and be showered with lots of Love, Gifts and marital/relationship advice by her close family and friends before the BIG DAY! And there are professionals ready to take you on the most enjoying night before your wedding.IMG_8746IMG_8749From the Police theme to the Sailor theme, Arabian Nights theme, Playboy, Masked Ball, Burlesque theme Shower. The list is endless and so is the fun with today’s hen nights. Just like everything wedding, choosing your bridal shower theme is important and to do this, your bridal shower planner will first try to find out what kind of a bride you are.

Does the Bride like a particular Era? (1920s, 1960’s, 1970’s), Has she always wondered what it was like to be a Cop? Is she an Afrocentric Bride? Is the Bride a fitness freak? What does her groom do for a living? Does she have a Particular colour she’s obsessed with? What’s her personal style? Is the Bride Regal?

These are some of the questions posed when trying to find the perfect theme that is suited to the Bride. Whatever the theme may be, the fun begins with making it happen by your bridal shower planner or coordinator!

DSC_2878 copy

DSC_2860 copyIMG_8841 IMG_8847

IMG_8889Once the theme is sorted, choosing the right venue is KEY!! The chosen theme has to be executed at the right and suitable venue? The Mood Board has to be gotten right. The décor, canapés/food, cake, costume accessories, clothing and music.

The hosting and coordination arrangements is mapped out to go in line with the theme based on the number of guests and Budget. This is a very important aspect of planning but there’s definitely a Shower for every budget. The most important factor is bringing the vision of the shower to life within the client’s budget.

Now, your planner is set, time to send out the Invitations stating venue, date, time and theme. Let the fun begin and the games roll in. It’s always a tradition to cut the cake, present gifts, give relationship advice and share experiences.



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