Olawuyi Babatunde is an Olabisi Onabanjo University Banking and Finance graduate and an Alumni of FATE Foundation and LEAP Africa.  Amazingly, Babatunde had his first stint with event decor way back during his JSS 3 to SS 1 holiday as an apprentice with Hues Cottage art studio. While his peers were busy playing and doing all other sort of activities, he was too busy creating art. Babatunde evolved from being a decorator to being an artist.

Babatunde has tried his hands on owning a clothing line to attempts to seal up his banking and finance course with CIBN professional course to managing a Rex Craft Rental Solution company, but the deep creativity in him didn’t stop and that was the beginning of Abinibi Events Cottage in 2010 as a full-fledged event services company.

WP: What inspired your entrant into the wedding industry?

What inspired my entrant into the wedding industry was that people around me realized I had more to offer than just managing an event rental solution company. I started doing procurement and consulting for very reputable event decor companies, to mention a few Floside Events, Tsoule Events and Furtulah Events, these are my industry mentors. They inspired me to do more and encouraged me to bring out that part of me that was hidden.

WP: What event took you to the next level?

The event that moved me to another level was my first major event in Ibadan, it was a birthday of 600 guest, we rendered party planning to the client. These event had several challenges that almost ruined our performance but God got us and he salvaged the situation. At the end, the event was successful and the client loved every bit without knowing what we went through to make the event a success. This gave me courage and made me realize my capabilities and that if I and my team were given an opportunity to perform we would do much better.

WP: What differentiates your décor for others?

What differentiates my job from everyone is that I have been able to infuse my love for creating art into wedding decor designing which our brand is known for. We create artistic expression in our designs. Each design I create tells a story, they all have a meaning which is drawn from the clients dream, vision and different images of decor, while we discuss and share ideas I’m able to sketch what their dream is and immediately this creates a bond between us and they just realize we are the one for the job. My ability to express their thoughts on paper in sketch and make it look real gives me an edge over my colleagues.

 Challenges of the job?

The major challenge on the job is a team that works, every other challenges are basic and synonymous to all other businesses, but for event vendors, your team can make or mar you.

What trends are you planning to rock in 2017?

In 2017 we are planning to shoot to the top by creating some designs with great architectural details, mixing the Arabian trend with the European context, also infusing more artistic details into wedding decor in Nigeria by creating a more real wedding decor with my clients input so they can feel alive at their wedding.

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