Idowu Ogunlola is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Lagos State University.  Before she ventured into the event industry, Idowu worked briefly at NNPC, did a lot of buying and selling and also had an interior decorating outfit which she ran from home. She is the creative mind behind the 6 years old Events Redefined.

WP What inspired your entrant into the industry

ER: I have always been a part of organising committees’ right from secondary school. I am that person who loves things to be done differently from what people are already used to. My love for beautiful spaces and little details made me suppress my planning abilities and focus on the designing aspect of events.

WP: Having done this for a while now, what singular event moved you to another level

ER: That would be a wedding I did in November 2011, I don’t know how and what I did right but the job is one of my most successful up till date. There were lots of challenges then and I was contemplating taking a break, then the brief for this wedding came, it was different from what I was used to getting and that was all the motivation I needed. The design made it to one of the leading wedding blogs and I got a lot of enquiries. It was a proud moment for me, brought me some limelight and it has made me to always want to do better.

WP: What differentiates your job from every other? What do you ‘think” you ‘did’ right to get here?

ER: Not to sound cliché, God’s grace has been the most prominent factor. For every event we style, we try as much as possible to make one or two elements different from the norm. We add our own little twist just to make it distinctive. We get to know our clients personally and we give them exactly what they want plus more. With us, we will never short change any client instead we give you all you asked for and we add our own little extra just to thank you for believing in us. Surprisingly, most brides usually notice and they come back to say thanks.

WP: What are the challenges on the job?

ER: One of the challenges we face is staffing and logistics. Event décor is one aspect of event that requires a lot of labour force, most times we hire different people from different places therefore we have different people with different attitudes towards work. Each person’s role is dependent on the other, the moment a person decides to lag behind, there will be a negative effect on the entire project.

Also some venues are not flexible with their timing; you get to a venue and the policy states you can only decorate from 9am to 6pm. The standard of décor we do now makes this timing unrealistic. You will be surprised that some designs require at least 2-3 days setup.

I must add most decorators are the real MVPs, despite all these constraints and background miss-haps; we still get the job done.

WP: What are you planning to do differently in 2017? What are the trends you are likely to rock

ER: Event decorators in Nigeria are on another level, I see some people’s work and I am super proud to be part of this industry. A lot of us have realised it’s either you go big or go home. One trend we WP: would love to rock this 2017 is amazing ceiling décor. The ambience has extra energy if the ceiling is done right. We hope most venues will indulge us and make their construction more flexible.

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