Olasunkanmi Ajala, is the creative mind behind Lavish by Michelle, a management technology graduated from Lagos State University.

Olasunkanmi simply waltzed into the event industry by planning a friend’s wedding and enjoying every bit of it. With no formal training for the job but by simply following her friend to her own events, Lavish by Michelle is a brand today. Her passion for the job helps her to consistently think outside the box and do her things differently. She is married with a daughter Michelle Akande, the inspiration behind the 5 years old business name Lavish by Michelle.

  Having done this for a while now, what singular event moved you to another level?

Three years ago, I did a friend’s wedding at yard 158, I really stretched the limit of my creativity on that one. I put all I had at that time in and it did it for me. That was the beginning of bigger things to come.

What differentiates your job from every other? What do you ‘think” you ‘did’ right to get here?

I always try my best to be different, when I see everyone doing things a certain way, I always look for other ways to achieve an equally nice result but certainly putting “me” into it. I give everything to do it differently.

What are the challenges on the job?

I’ll say damages. For instance every job I do I always have to buy new sheets of glass and mirrors because they always break after every use I  did a job in December, during their balloon drop, they broke all my glass candle holders and glass candelabra and they don’t pay damages in Nigeria. So it’s really sad that after every job one is responsible for all the damages. That for me is the biggest challenge on the job.

What are you planning to do differently in 2017? What are the trends you are likely to rock?

Elaborate wedding themes. I would love to rock the mixed metallic hues as opposed to having to choose one. Gone are the days where you have to select between gold, silver, rose gold, or brass. This look goes with a variety of styles and I plan to rock it in many ways in 2017.

LAVISH BY MICHELLE – 0708 236 5672

Instagram – @lavishbymichelle