Maria-Pamella Nwonu’s educational background will clearly show you is veered completely. With a first degree in Statistics, a Masters in Statistics from the University of Lagos, another Msc, in Computing and Information Technology, from Northumbria University Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. Little wonder she breezed into the event scene and quickly made her mark. Her love for research works has empowered and motivated to be the way she is. Maria Pamella’s working experience in a multinational company has also helped her a lot in being very strategic. Shockingly, despite being on top of all her creatives, Maria maintains her 9 – 5 daily job.

WP: What inspired the entrant into the industry?

NS: I’d say the beauty in creating exquisite events.

WP: Having done this for a while now, what singular event moved you to another level

NS: Passion, passion and passion did it for me.

WP: What differentiates your job from every other? What do you ‘think” you ‘did’ right to get here?

NS: I can’t really say it’s what I have done or what I did but I know that I really love doing what I do creatively. And then again I love elaborate designs and I believe that’s the game changer and most of all I have the Grace of God and with the Grace of God everything flourishes. At Nwandos Signature Events, we always try to differentiate our jobs, even when we use the same items we create different effects from them, ensuring that we offer value, we also try as much as we can to give more. WP: What are the challenges on the job?

NS: Unrealistic expectation from social media, reality TV, plus the trendy generation that we are in. Budget issues are one of the main challenges, clients brings pictures of jobs created with millions of naira and hundreds of thousands of dollars but want you to execute/recreate within their budget, it is really tough but this is the environment we are operating from so we must make things work, tough as it may sound. But that also increase the level of creativity because then you work triple fast to ensure everything works out.

WP: What are you planning to do differently in 2017? What are the trends you are likely to rock

NS: Frankly I don’t really know, I am a very safe person when it comes to my life style and pattern, I always weigh and think things through before doing them but that is my total opposite when it comes to designing. I am very spontaneous. I can draw up/plan things and designs what I want to create and change everything when I get to the execution stage.

But what I can tell you is that what I am looking at improving on is our Customer service level, I want to offer a company that values customer relationships and treat our customers as valuable as possible.

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