Have you ever wondered how the owners of blackberry must have felt when you and I replaced them with Samsung and iPhone? Or when the banks decided that ATM machine could replace hundreds of its staff to cut cost. How will you feel if someday an app, a new technology or a Robot replaces you? Did you say, “It cannot happen”?

Well, let me bring it home a little. Ever seen the Disney digital cake imaging? What about wall mapping replacing your wedding décor? God forbid right? Well, it is not a matter of ‘whether’ it will come or ‘if’ it will come, it’s a matter of ‘when’. And that ‘when’ is closer than you think.

It is called digital disruption and it is coming after everything.

How many times have you visited the salon this year? The wigs have taken over and even the common braiders are feeling it? This has nothing to do with recession, this is disruption and it need not be digital. Did they see that coming? I bet not.

It is not the technology that does the disruption, people do and there is no business that cannot be disrupted, so long as there is money in that business, someone, somewhere who wants to make money, will disrupt it. The bait that a disruptor uses is to change the way “we’ve always done things, to reduce costs, to cut down on time and to take away any form of headache previously experienced by clients.

Banks are busy retrenching staff, not just because of recession, but also because they have found several ways of doing business cheaper, faster and less dependent on human labour. Who said the waiter cannot be replaced or drinks dispensed by a single robot.

You can either disrupt or be disrupted. As technology continues to invade every industry, the physical and digital are now coming together overlapping and blending into each other. You are faced with the choice of either embracing it and mark yourself ‘safe’ or you are pushed away and your innovation becomes stale.

So, while we at wedding planner are also looking into the digital disruption and cooking up our own disruption, enjoy this unusual item 7 edition as rice is being replaced by pasta and amala by burger, grills and fries. Now if that is not disruption, I don’t know what else that it.

See you next edition.