Wedding planner is the award winning bi-monthly publications dedicated to making wedding plans Absolutely Easy for the bride by providing world class wedding ideas and solutions for the Nigerian Wedding Industry while bringing the wedding service providers closer to their target market.

The Nigerian wedding industry is largely dominated by a large number of small to medium scale entrepreneurs that have over the years grown the industry into a multi-billion naira industry.

In addition, the Nigerian wedding industry witnesses an estimated 15,000 weddings every weekend with a minimum and maximum of 300 to ~5,000 attendees respectively.  This has over time improved the demand for quality of service and awareness in the industry, hence, the demand for information on events planning and services as well.

Wedding Planner is the most consistent, fastest and highest selling wedding planning Magazine in Nigeria and for over 11 years brides have come to trust us with their wedding planning information earning us the title – The Brides Bible. Welcome to our world.